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Therefore, it is conceivable that such a mechanism was responsible for the astrogliosis observed in our study, since we found evidence of liver inflammation . As evident from the histopathology results, CBD did not appear to affect the development of TAA-induced necrotic lesions in the liver of mice. The interaction between hyperammonaemia and inflammation as a precipitating factor for HE has been discussed in two recent reviews (Shawcross and Jalan, 2005; Wright and Jalan, 2007). Hepatic encephalopathy is a syndrome observed in patients with end-stage liver disease.

Subtle signs of HE are observed in nearly 70% of patients with cirrhosis and approximately 30% of patients dying of end-stage liver disease experience significant encephalopathy . HE, accompanying the acute onset of severe hepatic dysfunction, is the hallmark of fulminant hepatic failure , and patients with HE have been reported to have elevated levels of ammonia in their blood . Smaller doses of CBD — which equate to 50 milligrams for a human — resulted in liver swelling and damage in mice.

Does Cbd Get You High?

While CBD has been used to treat a myriad of different health issues, it is likely not recommended to use CBD with the intention of reversing liver damage. After all, a 2019 study found high concentrations of CBD to actually cause liver damage. In both clinical trials for the FDA-approved CBD-centric drug Epidiolex, anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of patients experienced elevated liver enzymes.

In a different study conducted on lab mice, mice treated with higher concentrations died or were near death within 24 hours of ingesting the CBD. Finding an optimal dose is even more difficult for people with liver or kidney diseases, as these are the major organs that clear chemicals from the blood. This could make CBD a potential therapeutic agent in preventing the progression of liver diseases and their treatment. The antagonists of CB-1 receptors have been shown to alleviate the fat accumulation in patients with the non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Forms Of Cbd For Patients With Cirrhosis

Therefore molecules that directly or indirectly affect the endocannabinoid system and its CBD oil receptors could be potential targets for the treatment of various liver diseases. Endocannabinoid system also involved in the fatty liver diseases (non-alcoholic) and might be a good target for treatment of those ailments.

  • They scaled the dosage they gave to the rats so that it was equivalent to 200mg per kg per day of CBD in humans.
  • They found that the livers of subject mice showed an increased level of toxicity and damage after observation.
  • An increased level of 5-HT in the brain of rats after TAA administration was reported by Yurdaydin et al. .
  • Likewise, we found that the level of 5-HT was increased following TAA administration and this was restored after CBD treatment .
  • The stated objective of this study was to contribute towards building a body of research on hepatotoxicity related to CBD and its derivatives.

We think that in the current study the effects of CBD were mediated by the 5-HT1A receptor since activation of the receptor by CBD caused depletion of 5-HT . In our previous studies we showed that cognition is multifactorial and not dependent only on 5-HT levels, and therefore there is no direct correlation between cognition and 5-HT levels. Kerfoot et al. showed the infiltration of peripheral monocytes into the brain of bile duct-ligated mice 10 days after the ligation and suggested that this infiltration may cause the activation of inflammatory cells in the brain.

Cbd, Dosage And The Mouse Study

An increased level of 5-HT in the brain of rats after TAA administration was reported by Yurdaydin et al. . Likewise, we found that the level of 5-HT was increased following TAA administration and this was restored after CBD treatment . In parallel, motor activity was decreased following TAA injection and increased after CBD treatment, indicating a link between the increase in 5-HT and decrease in motor activity. Hence, it seems that CBD reversed the increased 5-HT level in the brains of TAA mice and thus reversed the decrease in their motor activity. Thus, the effects of CBD can be mediated by 5-HT1A or/and A2A adenosine receptors.

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